You Are so Very Brave

some nights the wind blows
just a little too hard
and the earth shakes your organs
till they’re lying beside you
when rock hard truths shatter your bones
hydrochloric acid corrodes your vision
the jagged edges of your lover's lips
tear apart your flesh
as their fingers rip at your skin
nights are spent wandering inside the
haunted abyss your mind has become
time is used going back far enough to
find the very moment everything changed
you want to know what went wrong

sold souls to those once beloved
halos traded for horns at the hands of traitors
encouraged by the pleading whispers
of the devil himself
before promptly abandoned
by his other minions
you survived the supposed ‘worst of it’
with battle armor torn to shreds and
knives left in your back for safe keeping
battles fought while banking
on facts proved fiction
what you are is a fool in warriors clothing
with a sense of direction lost long ago

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