Take The Pieces

there is a fire in my soul.
clawing at the walls inside my ribs
for me to let her out and there is a hurricane
resting at the base of my throat
waiting for me to let her free.
she is waiting for the day i release her
from my grasp and everyone will finally know
the power ebbed and flowing
just beneath the surface of my small frame.

only then will she be allowed to scream
all things i’ve been holding back from saying
in fear your small beings would not be able
to comprehend them.
and you will know that i am she who offers life.

i am she who made you who you are,
who let you have this moment of joy.
and i am she who will wash it away.
in one swift kick,
all the lies you’ve built up around you,
this house of cards you choose to call home,
will come tumbling down around your soiled feet.

and you will know that i am god
by the way i build you a castle made of stone
one that will withstand earths mightiest rumblings.
a place for you and the girl you replaced me with
even the parents who berated me for telling them what you’d done.

you will know that i am god
by the way i hold myself.
you will see the light pouring out of me
and you will ask me to tell you my secret.

how did i recover so magnificently?
but i won’t answer.
not today.
not for you.

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