Savages I

Let yourself be angry without being bitter. Be mad that someone hurt you without letting what they did consume you. Let the fire in your eyes burn without allowing the flames to get so hot they melt your soul. Be disgusted with the people who thought they could break your bones without losing hold
of all the good inside of you. Remember that we are all human, prone to mistakes, without allowing anyone to walk all over you.

Allow the memories of pain and desperation to make yourself livid without crossing over into hopelessness and depression. Strike a match against all the broken pieces they dropped on the floor when they left you and use the flames to teach them lessons they’ll never forget.

Let your heart break and your body shake until you don’t think you can take it anymore; then use the ashes of all the things you burned to forge a sword strong enough to kill your demons. Show them all the reasons people say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Except that shouldn’t be the saying, should it? Fuck you for making it seem like she’s only strong because she was rejected.

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